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Christmas Cards

School Pays £3.60  Parents Pay £5.00  School Raises £1.40!


School Pays £4.00  Parents Pay £6.00  School Raises £2.00!

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Each child has the opportunity to create their very own unique Christmas design which can be printed on to cards and mugs.  There is no obligation for either the parents or the school to purchase any products, so there is no financial outlay or risk to the school.  Mug Father Christmas

We encourage and support the children to create their drawings at home thus enabling parents to have some input into their child's design if they wish to, therefore maximising order potential with the added bonus that no valuable lesson time is taken up at school.  Your school or PTA organiser benefits from minimal administration whilst raising maximum funds for the school.  All the orders are returned to us in one batch to process - we provide a pre-paid postage label for this, so there is no need to place the individual orders online!

If parents choose to place an order, then their child's design is professionally printed into packs of 12 A6 sized cards, complete with envelopes. Parents buy the cards for just £5.00 per pack (all monies are made payable to the school), You then pay us £3.60 per pack (inc VAT) out of the money you have already collected, leaving your school with £1.40 profit for every pack ordered!  Mugs of the same design cost parents just £6.00, we charge you £4.00 giving the school a healthy profit of £2.00 per mug!

Please Note - Mugs feature the child's personalised artwork only and not the childrens names. 

By choosing Rudolph Cards you benefit from:Drawing Sheet

  • No Upfront Costs for the School
  • Free Drawing Sheets to send home with pupils
  • Free Letter Templates & Posters
  • Online Design Tips & Gallery for inspiration
  • Easy Straightforward Service
  • Two Order Deadlines
  • Free Delivery of cards and mugs
  • Excellent Profits for your School
  • Best Value for Parents
  • Rudolph's Price Match Promise



1st Deadline: Return Drawing Sheets on or before 5th November - Cards & Mugs delivered by end of November

2nd Deadline: Return Drawing Sheets and payment on or before 12th November - Cards & Mugs delivered early December

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 This is how easy it is to take part!

Organiser's To Do List

  • Register your school online TODAY!  Just complete the form below
  • When you register the Drawing Sheets will quickly be delivered to your school from September onwards for you to send home with pupils together with an explanatory letter for parents (template supplied) 
  • Collect Drawing Sheets, bank all monies and return Designs to us with payment - we provide a pre-paid label for the return of your batch of designs (NB. If Chidren's names are not CLEARLY WRITTEN in BLOCK CAPITALS please enclose a printed Class list) You are not required to input any children's names or orders online, as we process all the orders for you!  
  • When you receive the finished products, deliver to classrooms for pupils to proudly take home to parents  

  Rudolph's To Do List 

  • We deliver Drawing Sheets to your school free of charge
  • We email a letter template to accompany the Drawing Sheets to explain to parents how their child can design and order their very own packs of Christmas Cards and Mugs.  The letter also contains design tips and a link to an on-line gallery for inspiration!
  • We receive the Drawing Sheets back from you.  They are then professionally scanned and all the pupil's names and order details are carefully processed by our experienced team
  • We then professionally print and pack the Christmas Cards and Mugs (these will arrive separately)
  • We deliver all the products free of charge directly to the School. 


Please complete the form below to Register to take part if you definately want to get your school involved this year - or Request Samples if you have not yet made your mind up!



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